7 Must-Have Things to Look Professional

If you have a regular, day to day office to go to, you will know the importance of being well dressed and presentable all the time. Whether you're appearing for an interview, closing a business deal, or meeting new clients, being well-groomed is of utmost importance. Being well-groomed makes people take you seriously, but on the other side, dressing up is also fun and makes you look forward to your day at work. And it doesn't have to be expensive. Here are 7 must-have items that you need in order to look fresh and professional.
A Suit
No matter which profession you belong to, having at least one suit in your wardrobe is absolutely essential. There's nothing that comes close to a suit when you're trying to look sharp, smart, and put-together. Pick a two-piece suit in darker hues since they look more professional and fit most occasions. Black, navy blue, and grey are the usual choices, but you could also try dark brown, coffee, or even a white or cream suit.
Formal Shoes
A pair of black lace-ups is the key piece of any formal look, and the best of them are the Oxfords. When you're out buying formal leather shoes, make sure to keep their contour slim and toe rounded. You could also keep a pair of dark brown leather shoes as an alternative to the black ones. Remember to keep your leather shoes clean and polished all the time.
Oxford Shirt
As essential as leather shoes is a crisp Oxford shirt, preferably white. Besides being perfect with any dark coloured suit, a white shirt can be paired with any kind of pants, from jeans to chinos, and can be dressed up in both casual and formal styles. A white Oxford shirt is the skeleton of any formal, professional look. Keep white shirts wrinkle free and clean always.
Black/Dark Blue Chinos
Chinos are great where jeans seem too casual. A pair of chinos in black or dark blue can also be a great alternative to trousers. The beauty of chinos is that they can be both casual and formal. You can wear them for a casual day out with friends or you can wear them with a formal blazer and shirt for a meeting.
A Watch
Watches are making a stylish comeback as a must-have accessory. From a classic leather watch to a trendy, digital timepiece, the options are truly endless. Recommended is an analogue watch with either a metal or leather band, which goes with almost every outfit, formal or casual.
A Blazer
A blazer in a dark colour can take you from formal to smart-casual looks. For looking smart and dapper in any attire, just add a well-fitted blazer in a sober hue. A single-breasted blazer is best suited for most occasions, while black, dark blue, grey, and white are the most chosen colours.
You might not think this is necessary, but bags serve two purposes- carry your stuff and double up as an accessory. Like the watch, the man bag has also reinvented itself. Today, you can take your pick from the various man bags available, from a hold all, to a duffel bag, from a modern briefcase to a portfolio bag. They suit both formal and everyday use, and will complement your clothes perfectly.

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